Monday, July 5, 2010

Residency at Villavicencio

The ride to Villavicencio was REALLY long...minor fender-bender at the beginning of the trip kind of set the precedent...LOL.  Roads were being fixed so lots of traffic, stop and go, etc.  In the end, a 3 hrs ride took 6...but it was SO WORTH IT.  Beautiful, for one.  And the destination, pa que decir....GORGEOUS.  We arrived at night, tired but I was excited nonetheless.  Dinner was quaint and nice, just staff members who had arrived.  I had a really nice room to myself and that night I slept better than I had in years.
Next day I woke up to a gorgeous view of El Llano (the plains, a geographic and cultural region in Colombia/Venezuela).  Never-ending vegetation..., incredible resort in the middle of nowhere.  Authentic beauty.  They switched me from room to room 3 times, but I'm in an amazing place so I ain't complaining!

The first couple of days was prep time.  Making sure the transportation for musicians, faculty and staff was set, that things were clear with the hotel, etc. etc.  And then they arrived!  So many of them!  And they are all so freaking FULL OF ENERGY, it's unbelievable.  They wear me out and make me smile at the same time LOL.
Things have been very hectic.  One moment I'm doing one thing, something totally different the next.  But I love it.  I love being busy, moving around, talking to people and pushing myself to do new and different things.  My schedule is pretty rigorous compared to my VA grad school day to day...I wake up around 630, go to the gym, most of the time ;)  Breakfast at 8, then rehearsal starts at 9.  I help make sure things are in order and that musicians are in their places for every rehearsal (2 per day).  Most of my internship duties have to do with logistical stuff though.  More details coming soon.

Hope y'all miss me because I sure as hell miss you guys!  I had some saudades for 4th of July, but we had a mini celebration here :)  I know I'm super busy and haven't been able to call much, but just know I'm thinking of you ALL THE TIME!!!!
Enjoy the pics!  Some of them courtesy of Emma--shout out to a great colleague and friend!
XOXOXOXOXO to everyone!


  1. Me encanta tu viaje China, tiene que ver con Sudamérica, con jóvenes y con música.
    Ojalá en otros países se experimentara así, habiendo tanto talento y tan poca bola de parte de los gobernantes.
    Un abrazo, MSD

  2. Yay..your entries are so informative! So jealous of yoru travels enjoy every moment!

  3. Que maravilla!!! Gozatelo y disfruta esta experiencia al maximo. Esto es un bombito al catcher para ti despues del KC y estas con gente joven :)

    Sigue mandandonos fotos en tu blog y contandonos de tus aventuras. Mucho cuidado por alla. Besos.

  4. Stella I love the blog entries! I miss you love. SOOO glad you are enjoying your summer abroad and trying new things. I am SO proud of you for being so independant and adventurous. I can't wait to here all the behind the scenes juiceness! Hope you're not frolicking in the water like a high school student! LMAO!

  5. Que experiencia tan maravillosa! Cuenten como consiguieron este programa. Le voy a mandar al Sebastian toda esta informacion a ver si en su universidad tienen algo asi. Me encantaria que participara ademas el toca cuatro instrumentos.

    Sigue disfrutando Estrella y mantennos informados. Mil besos,


  6. muy buenos los lugares y tu muy linda!!!!! te felicito, Calu